CRIS Adaptive Adventures

Who We Are

The Community Recreational Initiatives Society (CRIS) is a unique and powerful non-profit and charitable organization. Our dedicated volunteers utilize adaptive equipment to assist people with disabilities to experience nature and outdoor recreation.


CRIS is fuelled by dedicated volunteers with a commitment to the well-being of the community. CRIS is a pioneer in adaptive recreation and offers programs tailored to the needs of participants – from the beginner explorer to the seasoned wilderness enthusiast, CRIS has an opportunity for you!

CRIS Adaptive Adventures :

Spend some time hiking, kayaking, cycling, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing  in the Okanagan region of British Columbia. Adaptive Adventures offers time based trips that enable all people regardless of ability to participate in outdoor activities. This program is funded by various sources with all contributions staying within our local communities. This program is a great way to start off your pursuit for adaptive recreation!

Hanging out



To provide support to people with physical and mental disabilities by developing and implementing outdoor and wilderness recreation programs in order to promote independence, assist with integration, reduce isolation and improve mental well-being of these individuals.


To create an inclusive world free of barriers, where all people regardless of ability or disability are able to experience the therapeutic benefits of outdoor recreation.

Broken Group Island Aug 13-18 2008 Bruce, Clayton and March Family (183)

Values and Goals

Organizational Goals

  • Furthers integration of people with disabilities through participation
  • Promotes equitable access to outdoor activities and wilderness areas
  • Strengthen awareness of environmental protection and sustainability
  • Promote diversity

Goals for Participants

  • Increase self-confidence through improved physical and mental health
  • Enhance personal growth and self-empowerment by overcoming perceived barriers
  • Build self-esteem and self-respect through increased independence

Reviving the Adventurous Soul

This video was submitted for funding in 2010/2011. It features former CRIS participant, Derek Watters, who speaks about the impact CRIS has had on his life, our activities, and the places he was able to go because of the adaptive equipment and dedicated volunteers on programs. “On the inside we are the same as everyone else, even if on the outside we are different.”