November 23-29

Yo friends! Hope everyone had a lovely week. Well at least it is a bit warmer out there. Just a reminder to everyone that with this cold weather it is extremely important to dress for the weather when you are out and about. Below is a helpful little picture of how to layer for the cold….#layeringiskey. Now when I follow this diagram I try to put on male clothing…I guess what I am saying is this is a guide. That being said…I made the mistake last year so I can’t blame you if you make the same mistakes as I did….#oops #sopretty. If you are ever attending a winter program and are missing a piece of clothing please let me know beforehand so I can ensure to bring something along for you! Other than that let’s have a spectacular winter and enjoy the weather!!!How to Dress for Winter with CorrectionsVolunteers:For any volunteers who are interested, we will be holding a winter program training session and cross-country skiing clinic on December 18th and 19th. If you are interested in learning something new or brushing up on your skills please let me know ASAP. These training sessions are a ton of fun and are a great way to get ready for winter programs! If you are apprehensive because you don’t have any equipment… don’t worry we can help you out #friendshelpingfriends!

POLAR BEAR DIP: Just a reminder that we are hosting the first annual CRIS Polar Bear Dip on January 1st of this year. We need volunteers, participants, donors, and swimmers to all come out and help make this event a success. For questions on how to get involved please feel free to contact me or check out the event on our website at: We are also looking for people to help solicit donations and work with our event coordinators to manage the event. This is a great opportunity for volunteers to get some professional event experience and a fantastic way to beef up your resume!!!

TRIP SCHEDULE #weputtheripintripUntitledAdaptive Adventures
November 26, Hiking 1:00PM to 3:00PM at Kalamoir Regional Park
November 28, Hiking 10:00AM t0 12:00PM at Mission Creek Regional Park- EECO Centre

Solid hike at Kalamoir today! #greatsmilesIMGP0008Smiles,