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adaptive hiking with TrailRider


The TrailRider is a lightweight, one- wheeled, environmentally friendly access vehicle that is maneuvered by two “Sherpas” (one who pulls and one who pushes). The TrailRider can take people with disabilities through virtually any terrain – from gentle walking paths to rugged mountain trails. The TrailRider is extremely comfortable and adaptable making it an excellent piece of equipment for almost any need. 

adaptive hiking with TrailRider


        • Single wheel centered below the seat provides mobility and support with low environmental impact and allows access to narrow mountain trails
        • Slow turning pneumatic tire absorbs the shock of moving over rocky terrain
        • Extendable legs for stationary support
        • Lightweight aluminum
        • Breaks down into lightweight components easily stored in trunk of car
        • Lounge position and long handlebars in front and in back distribute weight evenly
        • Brake system controlled from rear handles
        • Features two versions: one for adults and one for kids
        • Traverses trails, hills, rocks, and streams
        • Stability and comfort
        • Fully cushioned arm and headrests


CRIS uses a variety of different accessories to ensure the comfort of each individual on each and every unique trip. Whether it is raining, snowing or a beautifully bright summer day, CRIS has the gear needed. An example, is our specially designed “Mummy bags” that are used to keep our participants warm, safe and dry in inclement weather. 

adaptive hiking with the TrailRider

Comfort and Support

CRIS makes use of numerous different resources in order to provide the utmost support and comfort for their participants. Whether it is significant lateral support or merely adding a piece of foam under your feet to prevent rubbing CRIS can make you comfortable. 


CRIS continually works at expanding their products and services! Keep checking back as we will soon have a new chair to add to our vast product selection!!

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