Testimonial Video


We were lucky enough to have a Adam from CATO create this awesome video for us! It does a great job of depicting who and what CRIS is in 30 seconds. We want to thank both the student who completed the video as well as Mary for her amazing words.




AWA Video


Check out a quick video on what you can expect on an Adaptive Wilderness Adventure. These trips push the limits and enable you to conquer things you may have never thought possible. They are unbelievable experiences that connect you with nature, providing a story for the ages. With the power of people there are no barriers, only challenges that have yet to be conquered. Come join us on an Adaptive Wilderness Adventure and discover just how much we can do together!


Sarita’s First Hike


On a recent trip to Guatemala CRIS volunteers enabled a 27 year old girl to go on her first hike. Through their hard work and dedication they gave Sarita an experience of a lifetime. Whether it was bushwhacking through thick brush or ignoring snakes, our volunteers never faltered in their drive to reach the summit. On their trip she traveled over 6000 feet and reached her “top of the world.” Through hard work, and the power of people there are no bounds to what is possible. Check out the video of Sarita’s incredible journey below.



Lake O’Hara 2013


In September 2013, members of the CRIS crew joined in with OKM (a local high school) helping to enable a young man in grade 12 to go on his grad trip. Check out the link to the video below. With dedication, hard work, optimism, and faith there are no boundaries to what people can do! We want to take the time to thank all those whom were involved in the trip and involved with making the video!

ohara_cathedralLake O’Hara 2013, Group 16 – A Husky Tale.  photoFilm by: Michael Ross

Obstacles? “There are none”~Troy Becker        Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever