Who We Are


President: Troy Becker

Troy, founder of CRIS continues as our steadfast, level-headed leader and visionary. By observing what he does with his time you’ll soon see that Troy’s mountain man exterior is just camouflage for the big softy inside. His humanitarian nature shines through in his career as a Firefighter as well as in his voluntary job at CRIS. Once you experience a ‘Troy Hike’ that pushes your every limit, you may think that he is some sort of sadist… but when you conquer the mountain and witness the view from the summit, you will understand his motives and appreciate the grunt work that it takes to get there.   

Vice President: Clayton March

Clayton first came to us many years ago as a participant. Since then he has grown into a kind compassionate, well spoken board member, advocate and young man. We are thankful to have him working with us and grateful that he is always willing and ready for ANY Adaptive Adventure. A true pioneer. 

Treasurer: Lynda Becker

Involved since CRIS’ first steps as well as teaching them to the Founder/President, Lynda has been (and is) a quiet and vital member of CRIS. We are lucky enough to have this lovely woman to make sure all things treasury related are dealt with in a timely and accurate fashion. On top of all of that she also assists on the adaptive winter activities. 

 Secretary: Katie Johnston

More on Katie soon!    


Eric Rampone

Rich Turley

Kwame Boateng

Steven Van Loo

More on our other directors coming soon!


Dawn Widdifield, Executive Director

Dawn has been with CRIS over 6 years now and continues to build on her extensive experience and knowledge of the nonprofit sector. She remains humbled and grateful that she is able to have a career that couples two of her passions – working with people with disabilities and a love for the great outdoors! She believes in equality for all people and is proud to be a part of the CRIS team that is knocking down perceived barriers in the outdoors for people with disabilities. When she isn’t at work she enjoys hiking, paddling (kayak and sup), fishing, camping and spending time with friends and family.      

Crystal Davidson, Program & Logistics Coordinator

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