Event Information: Imagine being a part of all the chills and thrills of the 4th Annual Kelowna Polar Bear Dip, on January 1st 2018, at Tug Boat Bay in Waterfront Park. It’s not just an event; it’s an experience that has become a winter-time tradition for thousands of warm-hearted plungers around the world! We are looking for participants, sponsors, and spectators to come and join in this winter extravaganza!

So come and show your support for this great organization!

You can find more information about the inaugural event last year here.

5 Ways to Get Involved: 

  1. Donate: Please consider donating to the Kelowna Polar Bear Dip, in support of a new fully accessible CRIS Adaptive Adventures facility on Mission Creek. If you’d like to donate to a specific dipper or organization you can donate in their name. When donating please specify that your donation is going towards the Kelowna Polar Bear Dip 2018.
  2. Fundraisers/Dippers: The icing on the cake! We are looking for as many people to join the Dip as possible. We are looking for as many warmhearted individuals to raise pledge money on their own (or as a team!) to jump into the water. This is a great way to make an impact on someone’s life and make a memorable experience while doing it. If you are interested in pledging please download the pledge form here.  for information about how to run your successful pledging campaign please contact KelownaPolarBearDip@gmail.com.
  3. Sponsors: The backbone of the event. We are looking for local businesses with an interest in giving back to their community. With multiple levels of sponsorship available granting different levels of exposure, the Kelowna Polar Dip is a great way to advertise your company while helping out a great cause. Please contact KelownaPolarBearDip@gmail.com if you are interested in monetary or in-kind donations, setting up a booth, or any other involvement – everything helps!
  4. Volunteers: The way we can keep this event running year after year. We are looking for fun, outgoing volunteers to help us make this the best Polar Bear Dip! Volunteers can participate in a wide variety of duties that include set-up and take down, providing entertainment and firing up the participants! If you’d like to volunteer on the day please fill out the form here.
  5. Organizing Committee: For those who want to volunteer their time in a much grander way! Wherever your interests lie, we will make sure to find a position that fulfills your wants and needs and makes as much of an impact as possible. If you would like to be on the Organizing Committee please email KelownaPolarBearDip@gmail.com

The Goal: The purpose of this event is to help fund the construction of a fully accessible CRIS facility on the Mission Creek Greenway. This will allow us to expand the scope of our operations and fulfill as many dreams as possible. Your generous contributions, in anyway, shape, or form, will make a serious impact on the lives of people living with serious cognitive and physical disabilities.