How to Participate

4 Easy Steps 

Step 1. Read, complete, and submit (email, fax, or in person) all of the participant paperwork (total of 11 pages) IMGP1838

  1. CRIS Participant Annual Registration – Kelowna (6 pages explaining registration and Suggested Trip fees)Please contact Dawn our Executive Director regarding financial matters.
  2. Health and Medical Record (3 pages)
  3. Waiver Final (2 pages)

Step 2. Contact CRIS Program Coordinator

Contact our Program Coordinator at or call (250) 979-3941 to set up a meeting to discuss needs, goals, concerns and, if applicable, arrange for fittings, adaptations or try out our equipment.

Step 3. Submit your Annual Registration Fee & ensure donation amounts work for you

Submit by cheque via snailmail or in person with cash or cheque at our office. Contact Dawn our Executive Director, for information about Registration Fees, Trip Fees, or Assisted Payment Plans at Executive Director or (250) 979-3941.

Step 4. Get out there on a Community Day Program!  

PLEASE NOTE: CRIS requires all individuals who need a full-time care-aide or other support to provide their own care aid/support during CRIS Adaptive Adventures. If you are unable to provide someone who is capable of participating in a specific program, please notify the Program Coordinator and alternative arrangements will be explored.

If you have questions please contact us and we will happily answer them. To drop off your paperwork in person, please contact:

Program Coordinator at (250) 979-3941 to arrange a meeting or email

If you would like something a little more intense like rock climbing, or multi-day trips in wilderness areas via hiking, paddling, cycling, rock climbing etc. or if you are interested in adaptive international travel please check out our…

Custom Experiences or our Travel and Vacation Opportunities

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