Levels of Difficulty

Our Travel and Vacation Opportunities provide you with three different options for the level of difficulty you would like to experience on your adventure. Please carefully consider which alternative best suits your personal needs and comfort level. Whether you decide to do an “Easy” trip or try something “Challenging” you can feel confident that your comfort and safety is our primary concern. IMGP0073

[wptab name=’Easy (E)’] These trips are perfectly adapted to meet the needs of anyone looking for leisurely day or multi-day outdoor experiences, or for those embarking on their first outdoor adventure. You can expect shorter casual trips that provide you an introduction into the beauty of the wilderness while getting up close and personal with Mother Nature on the most popular and regularly travelled scenic routes. If you are looking for a causal laidback experience or your apprehensive about being out in nature then this type of trip is for you. They provide minimal risk while breathing in fresh mountain air and indulging in the tranquility of the wilderness.

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Hiking:  Hiking in this classification is characterized by short afternoon and/or morning hikes. You will get to access breathtaking vistas while being protected by the natural canopies and geography of the region. Wider trails with relatively smooth paths will ensure that you are more than comfortable on your experience. These trips entail minimal elevation gain and gradual slopes.

Kayaking trips in this classification offer a fantastic experience for people who want to enjoy the serenity offered through paddling. This is a great opportunity for people with little experience on the water or for those who want to try paddling for the first time. You will be kept close to shore with land within comforts reach. An “Easy” kayaking trip will provide you experiences on smaller inland waterways and lakes. You will feel secure with optional anti-tipping pontoons and an accompanying safety boat.

 If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the level of difficulty that would best suit your needs please contact us at general@coreinso.com or 250 979 3941.


[wptab name=’Moderate (M)’] Trips that are given a “Moderate” designation are perfect if you feel that an “Easy” or “Challenging” trip isn’t right for you. These trips are best suited to individuals with limited outdoor wilderness experience or those looking for more adventure than an “Easy” trip offers. Individuals will be challenged with longer day and multi-day activities, more challenging routes and increased exposure to the elements but will be rewarded by travelling through more remote areas with stunning scenery.

IMGP2031Hiking: These hiking trips provide a great transition from an easy trip into something a bit more technical and further off the beaten track. You will get to journey to remote areas through diverse landscapes on unique and varying types of terrain. Trail systems can be single track over rough terrain with tight corners and steeper inclines and descents. These trips enable you to see the back-country and the beauty nature has to offer without having to traverse goat trails and narrow ridge-lines. It is an excellent way to get the full backcountry wilderness experience without putting yourself into a position where you may feel uncomfortable on a “Challenging” trip designation.broken group island aug 13-18 2008 bruce, clayton and march family (187)

Kayaking: “Moderate” Kayaking trips enable you to enjoy a vast array of pristine waterways while enjoying the therapeutic benefits provided from being out on the water. You may travel for periods where you are away from land while moving across open water. Afternoon weather changes may provide an opportunity to paddle through small swells and waves. These excursion will get you further away from civilization enabling you to experience the peacefulness and tranquility of more isolated marine areas.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the level of difficulty that would best suit your needs please contact us at general@coreinso.com or 250 979 3941.[/wptab]

[wptab name=’Challenging (C)’] Challenging trips push the boundaries on what is perceived as possible by others. You can expect a higher degree of exposure to the elements on these activities while being provided with world-class views that far surmount the term extraordinary. To partake in these activities you are willing to forego some of the daily comforts of your day to day life. Days can be long with minimal breaks. You have a zest for adventure and love to face a challenge head on.

IMGP0052Hiking: Hiking trails within this classification can be quite long. They can include a high degree of elevation gain and loss with narrow technical scrambling routes possibly requiring safety lines. Trails can also be quite bumpy with numerous obstacles that provide an exciting challenge for you and your team. Beautiful ridge-lines, summit walks and hidden lakes are just some of the attractions that people partaking in this classification of trip can experience.

Kayak in whitewater 01Kayaking: “Challenging” kayaking experiences will enable you to see remote and beautiful marine areas. Kayaking in this classification can involve open water, remote inlets, moving water and fast currents.  Participants considering a “Challenging” Kayak should feel extremely comfortable on the water.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the level of difficulty that would best suit your needs please contact us at general@coreinso.com or 250 979 3941.[/wptab]