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A dream is something that has yet to happen, it is never unattainable. Let’s work together and change your dream into a story of a lifetime!

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Is there a location that you have been dying to visit? Do you lack  an experienced and highly qualified team to make it happen? CRIS Adaptive Adventures is proud to offer their services to people all around the world, enabling people to tackle whatever pursuit they are interested in. Whether you need people to provide adaptive recreation for a camp, need  people to facilitate activities for an event, or need the skills required to tackle climbing something like Mount Kilimanjaro, CRIS Adaptive Adventures is more than happy to make your dreams a reality. Our “Custom Experiences” option enables any person, or group with any ability or disability the opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy all that the wilderness has to offer. “Custom Experiences” are focused on exceeding your dreams for outdoor recreation. You tell us who you want to go with, when and where you want to go, and we will work with you to make it happen. Contact us at 1-250-979-3941 or through email at


Examples of  “Custom Expedition Trips”:

Anand in kayak on beach

  • Paddling Canada’s West Coast
  • Tour Vietnam’s country side
  • Climb Argentina’s Andes Mountains
  • Explore Hawaii’s Napali Coast
  • Tackle Machu Picchu
  • Summit Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Conquer the Grand Canyon
  • Trek the Amazon
  • Hike Costa Rica’s Volcanoes
  • Discover The Rocky Mountains
  • Venture the Klondike Gold Rush Trail

Examples of Other “Custom Experiences”:

  • Group camping trips
  • Peer group activities (Spinal Cord Injury, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.)
  • Front country trips
  • Access Challenge

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