Paddling Equipment


CRIS has an arsenal of kayaks in their inventory. Whether you need full assistance to limited assistance CRIS can offer a safe and comfortable experience to people with any variety of different challenges. 


Tandem and single sea kayaks can be outfitted with state-of-the art pontoons (an outrigger system) that greatly increase the kayak’s stability! Some of these kayaks have also been adapted and modified to have larger cockpits providing an easier and more comfortable means of transfer. 


 Air bags and various pieces of foam are utilized to provide additional support and comfort for participants. Wheelchair inserts and adaptive seat backs are all part of the gear that CRIS uses to make trips comfortable. 


Paddling on a CRIS trip is completely by choice, whether you are able to paddle for the duration of the trip or not at all, we still welcome you to come out and participate! CRIS has a variety of equipment that aids those people who are willing to paddle, but are restricted in their ability to do so. 

The “One-Arm-Rigger” can be mounted to the cockpit of a participant’s kayak and functions as an assisted device. Whether you are a novice paddler or someone who needs assistance with paddling the “One-Arm-Rigger” works extremely effectively!

For participants who don’t have the hand strength to grip a paddle, specially designed gripping gloves allow the paddle to be velcored and the hand securely wrapped around the paddle to prevent sliding and loss of grip. We have several models to accommodate a variety of needs!



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