Cycling Equipment

adaptive recumbent cycling


CRIS owns a vast number of unique, and adapted cycles that enable everyone to experience the joy and sensation of cycling. 

Tandem Recumbent

A tandem recumbent bike is a three wheeled- low to the ground cycle that allows for people with various disabilities to go cycling. These cycles are fantastic, providing safe, stable and completely adaptable settings that make them the perfect option for anyone. Independent chain systems allow for participants to contribute whenever they want to rather than having to pedal for the duration of the cycle. 




It also allows for a participant to keep their feet stationary while speeding along pathways. Adapted foot pegs, snowboard bindings and leg rests are also used for participants who are unable to pedal. They provide for a extremely secure and comfortable means of travel!

Tandem Upright

Together with BC Blind Sports, CRIS has an inventory of 10 upright tandem bikes that are perfectly suited for people of all ages and abilities. These bikes are ideal for people whom are visually impaired and need assistance in navigating paths, roads, etc. 

adaptive tandem cycling

Tandem Upright Trike

An alternative for participants is the upright tandem trike, of which CRIS has two. These bikes provide all the stability you desire and operate with a three-wheel system. These bikes are perfect for those who need added stability, but would still like the traditional feel of an upright bike to enjoy the view!